Suzie Parkus is a serial entrepreneur and trusted advisor to those who are looking to up-level their life, love and business whilst not compromising on their values.

Suzie always provides a highly engaging, informative and thought-provoking talk, workshop and keynote.

With 17+ years of business experience, 5 different business and 11+ years of personal and professional development under her belt, Suzie is able to offer a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:


  • How to unlock the hidden gold in your business
  • How to effectively court your clients so that they know, like and trust you
  • The unspoken rules of PR
  • What is PR anyway and why do you actually need it
  • How PR and how can help you to get seen, heard and noticed to boost your credibility and value proposition
  • The power of PR to boost your impact
  • Media training – how to become the enviable go-to person in your niche
  • How to create knockout visibility without the need for any media presence
  • Creating authentic impact with your brand, message, business or service
  • Using the power of Social Media to build relationships, rather than numbers
  • How to pivot your career gracefully and successfully
  • What does Customer Service look like to your clients and prospects and why should you care

Relationships and communication

  • How to fully and authentically communicate your needs, wants, desires and frustrations in a way that will get people acting in your favour
  • The power and importance of relationships for a successful life and business
  • Understanding relationships – how to build them, body language, social cues, leveraging relationships
  • How to magnetise your impact by building your confidence
  • Simple techniques that will help you to stand out from the crowd in any social situation
  • Relationship marketing, the lost art of authentic connection building
  • How to court your clients to a close
  • How to deploy the lost art of etiquette to generate business success
  • The 4 Steps to Dating Success – my signature dating course that takes you from stressed and single to successful in love
  • The Unspoken Rules of dating

Motivation and inspiration

  • How being in a car accident saved my life – Learning to understand why life doesn’t happen to you, but how it actually happens for you
  • The connection between trauma and dis-ease
  • The impact of unresolved issues on your life, love and career success
  • Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world: How to get all that your heart desires