Pete Craig

Tech Start-up

What can I say… Suzie seems to know everyone and is my go-to girl whenever I need a connection. It doesn’t seem to matter what niche I throw at her, she know’s someone that can help directly or is only a few emails away from that person – everything from property and art to celebrities and media or tech (and I’m sure if I had to ask a whole lot more).

But wait… that makes her sound like a one trick pony and she’s far from that, her ability to connect effortlessly with people is impressive, but this alone doesn’t do her talents justice. Suzie is also a highly creative entrepreneur who has an uncanny knack of spotting opportunities and turning them into businesses (successful ones too!) either her own or when supporting others.

In short, if you need to connect with someone specific, get amazing publicity or want to work with someone whose mind works at one hundred miles an hour, seeing different angles for everything that is possible, then you can’t go far wrong by trusting Suzie.



Suzie has the ability get to the nucleus of what your soul is feeling and trying to say through explaining to you the imbalance that is being experienced in your outer world at a much deeper level than one can experience through their own endeavours of exploration.

With the help of Suzie’s in depth understanding of people and their emotions, her personal experiences and foresight, can you truly come to understand how the disturbance deep down inside of you is playing out in your material and external world.

Once ascertained, Suzie is quick to give you workable and actionable steps which you can deploy immediately to start getting instant results towards a happier and more successful version of you.

Scott Ducet

Podcaster and audio technician

Suzie is great at connecting people. She knows that connection needs more than a name, sign or mutual interests, it requires chemistry.

While I was looking for clients for my Podcast production business, Suzie sent people my way that I legitimately clicked with. They had heart, soul and a massive passion for what they were after, and it made all the difference.

Unlike a lot of “connectors” in the business world, Suzie comes from the dating space, which means she understands what goes into a heartfelt connection. If you’re looking to have excellent connections, try getting a dating expert to make them for you!!

Lee Wagner


Suzie is like an untapped oil well, full of creative ideas to help drive any business or project forward.

With vast amounts of industry-specific knowledge, her ability to bring people together makes her a fabulous networker and personal contact.

She has the ability to connect people and create mutually beneficial relationships using her endless list of contacts. She is an extremely professional and dedicated individual.

I can highly recommend working with Suzie Parkus when looking to achieve fantastic results.


Web services

Suzie is a rare breed of Individual.

She understands what it takes to seriously promote a Brand, Company or Concept with the use of Social Media solutions like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

She understands how to integrate these into the ever-evolving marketing landscape that is the Internet.

She also has some seriously good ideas up her sleeve.

I look forward to working on many joint projects together in the future.

Shari Tiegman


Besides feeling like I found a long lost best friend, Suzie explained PR to me in ways I had never heard of before, which took the mystique and perceived difficulties away – making it exciting, doable and something I don’t need to wait for regarding time and oodles of money…

Paul Renner


Suzie Parkus provides the #1 source of information for simple and effective strategies to help you monetise your online presence.

Suzie Parkus shows you how to build a bigger presence for yourself or your business, starting from the ground floor, laying the foundation, and helping you get a jump start on becoming an online success. And the advice is real, not just guru speak.

Neil Ghiller


Suzie Parkus is a need to know person for anyone who is serious about building their business.

Whether you need someone to give you a workable strategy to get seen or heard, need help connecting your way to advanced levels of success, or merely getting the ‘right’ contacts to get a job done and have it done well, Suzie is the person to make it happen.