Suzie Parkus has achieved media success which spans the following publications:

Channel 5 news, EOF, James Swanwick Show, WGN Chicago, LBC, Talksport, Vibe 107.6 FM, Mason Vera Paine show, Daily Mail, Woman Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, The Guardian, The Observer, Marie Claire, The Telegraph, Ole, Brick plus, The Jewish News, The Jewish Chronicle, Enfield Gazette & Advertiser, expert placement for topical programmes, trade publications, expert positioning with brands, Expert round-up articles, Industry blogs, industry award applications.

Past clients have achieved media placement which has led to stories being re-purposed and placed on the front cover of magazines, international interviews and further media requests off the back of appearances.

Suzie Parkus’s longstanding background within the dating and relationship field gives her a competitive edge due to her ability to both read, understand and position people. She has a natural affinity when it comes to both the inner and outer workings of the entire PR journey which has led her to achieve respectable relationships with media professionals worldwide.

Suzie’s highly regarded as an expert media contributor herself and with that, she is able to guide and advise her clients accordingly on how to obtain and utilise each and every opportunity which they are presented with. She is also able to assist her clients with high-level media training, having appeared on every type of media outlet herself.

By working with Suzie, you will be gaining a friend, your own personal cheerleader, a coach, mentor and someone who is very smart when it comes to opening and executing opportunities for her clients.