Power Hour

If you’re not ready to go all out and invest in some short or long-term support, then sometimes a focused hour with me could be all it takes to get you moving forward in the right direction.
So, whether you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with your business and struggling to find the clarity you need to move forward or wish to get a specific piece of media out there, then this is the option for you.
You can use this session to discuss:
  • Understanding how you are showing up, its cause and effect
  • Understanding how to be a better communicator
  • Understanding patterns that do not serve and beliefs which are causing limitation to success
  • Discovering one’s inherent and underlying life purpose
  • Finding new direction and purpose in life
  • Gaining clarity when facing difficult situations in life
  • Understanding the effects of past trauma and mental / emotional wounding
  • Understanding and overcoming behavioural patterns
  • Understanding how to create a higher sense of interconnectedness with yourself and others
  • An idea that you’re struggling to make a decision with
  • Advice around the launch of your next big thing
  • Feedback on something you’re working on
  • Clarity on your next steps for a specific project or direction
  • A bespoke strategy or plan to achieve your desired outcome
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Audrey Magowan

Virtual PA

What a breath of fresh air Suzie Parkus is! Suzie and I initially had a chat about how my business could help her business. In the space of just thirty minutes, Suzie had given me inspiration on how I could take my own business forward. This was a completely unexpected twist, but one which certainly left me with food for thought. Suzie is incredibly insightful and has an ability to uncover the hidden potential in something. I highly recommend her and look forward to our businesses working together in the future.

Debra Mendes

Start up

I had a great long session with Suzie today. It felt like a real meeting of minds. It was great having someone to talk to whom I trusted with their insights, knowledge, and sense of judgement. I see Suzie as just like me, albeit a bit further along on her journey and therefore a great person to work with.

We focused on a number of business related questions, including how to pre-qualify leads and how to save precious time. She was able to give clear guidance on implementing this process.

I also got further in clarifying my ideal client and business model.

Suzie is clearly well connected and a real “make things happen person” which is something I can relate to.

Suzie is great at creating actionable steps on implementation which, as a creative, I absolutely need.

Suzie’s suggestion to get some business cards before a big event which was happening in a few days’ time was very helpful, as without the nudge, I may not have made it a priority.

All in all, I believe Suzie is a great go-to-person, very personable and enthusiastic, with bounds of energy and is able to apply her experience in a no nonsense manner to support you.

Dilys Sillah

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Where does one start to describe the professionalism, expertise, knowledge and focused commitment of Suzie, in getting her clients to get the results they didn’t even know they could achieve, once she gives you her Midas Touch?

Suzie was recommended to me through a respected business associate. I was promised a seasoned PR guru and got a lot more than I expected. She is like a treasure chest of information and connections to the people that matter to your business.

I particularly appreciate the manner in which she sensitively imparts her knowledge to empower me, to take control of how I position myself and my business in my chosen field.

I cannot speak highly enough of Suzie – but I guess that’s obvious.

Neil Jordan

The minute I started chatting with Suzie I sensed a person who really cares and wants to help others to succeed. Yes, she does have a wonderful voice that you could listen to all day, but it’s her enthusiasm and her genuine willingness to help, that shines through above all else. Her knowledge of the media world is eye-opening. She has this very modern, holistic and big-picture approach to PR journey in the digital age, which is refreshing and ultimately essential if you want the world to know your story. Suzie is undeniably connected and with that, has already introduced me to people that will start help my business move forward in ways I never thought possible before. Thank you,Suzie, for all the advice and inspiration.

Chris Allan

I’m not your average entrepreneur, what I do is very niche and a little off the wall. Martial arts and portraiture don’t mesh in most people’s minds, but it in does mine.

I know I put Suzie to the test with what I do, she even said as much herself when starting out on the call. However, she was up for the challenge, she really listened to me, she wasn’t phased, rolled up her sleeves and was kind enough and patient enough to allow me to share the washing up bowl that was my mind at that time.

Suzie guided me towards clarity, ideas, income streams and influencers I would never have considered viable and also helped me to refine how I express myself in order to find just the right balance of ying and yang.

Suzie’s approach is dynamic, resourceful, she’s clearly very connected and she really managed to coach the best out of me in such a short call.

Thanks Suzie, you made a real difference and I’m over the moon to have made your acquaintance

Emma Jane Clarke

Thanks to Suzie Parkus for her call last night! She has amazing ways of getting you “sneaky PR”. She made one suggestion that puts me in front of 12,000 of my target market!!! Amazing stuff 😍😍😍

Althea Blake

Just had my call with Suzie Parkus regarding all things PR and had to share. Within the first 60 seconds of advice, I already received the key information I was seeking. This super-human has a wealth of experience and achievements under her belt, that I gained so much more value for my business than expected. I now understand the direction I need to go in terms of PR AND business development. Suzie I am truly grateful x

Abi Lemon


Big thank you to Suzie Parkus who jumped on a call to give me a kick up the business arse.

She also came up with some fantastically creative ways to stand out from the crowd and do exactly what I’m good it.

This woman is intuitively brilliant at getting direction out of your head – get on a call with her if you’re struggling with clarity in any way 🖤🖤🖤

Sam Munslow

Parent Coach

I’ve just had the most informative and useful 30 minutes to get my business off the ground. Suzie Parkus is so generous with her time, wealth of knowledge and ingeniously simple ideas – all explained clearly so I can understand! Thank you for my 6 pages of notes/actions- this was such fabulous advice and I am more confident now in my next steps to becoming visible and known as a parent coach