Love is a funny thing, many people think that by having or finding a partner they will experience a greater feeling of love, connection, happiness and overall fulfilment in their lives.

Does that sound like you?

Are you maybe with someone, but your relationship isn’t quite where you’d like it to be right now? Has something changed or maybe something needs to change? Either way, you have faith that your relationship can get there (that magical place) because you have an inner knowing that you have the potential to be something great and you want to explore the possibilities before you rule them out altogether?


Maybe you’re single right now, but you’re so ready to date having weathered the dating rollercoaster for long enough? This time something is different for you because now it’s time to get serious and have THE relationship that you’ve secretly been longing for.

Whichever statement you identify with, I have a secret to share with you….

The cause of your niggling feeling, it’s the same whether you’re single or in a relationship…

You first need to rekindle that relationship with yourself first!

You simply need to know the answer to your values, passions, goals, as well as your own unique love language.


What is she talking about I hear your little voice scream out at you.. I’m here looking for help with my relationships and dating not to date myself!

That’s right, whatever your thinking, feeling or experiencing, you need to explore those little fireworks going off within you right now, before anything else, because they’re trying to tell you something about your feelings and experiences at a much deeper level.

It could be that there’s a trust issue in your past that needs exploring?

Maybe there’s an unresolved issue that’s lurking in the shadows somewhere that’s secretly compromising your ability to have that awesome relationship that you know you’re so ready to have?

Perhaps there’s a time issue that you never knew you had to make peace with?

(You’ll be surprised to know that 70% of my clients ‘issues’ are centred around a poor relationship with time)

Maybe your confidence is wavering due to something in your past and needs some TLC so that you can fully show up as the person you know you are?

Maybe you struggle to really communicate with yourself and others that which really needs to be said, rather than what you think needs to be said?

Maybe you know you’re settling at some level and it’s causing a conflict?

Maybe you’ve heard the horror stories and now dating scares you rather than excites you, coupled with the fact that you don’t know where to look these days for ‘your’ kind of person?

Whatever’s happening your world right now, the good news is that it’s only temporary and it’s all happening to get you closer to where you’d really like to be in your personal life.

As an ex-dating coach and matchmaker, I have helped 1000’s of singles to find love, create love, gain happiness, get married and even start a family.

I have helped those with a broken heart to find their confidence again and get back out there.

I have helped those in a relationship to understand how they can go from meh to hell yeah and from good to great.

Whatever confusion you’re feeling, I can help you to figure it out.

Whatever clarity you need to better understand your options and your specific action steps, I can help you to figure it out.

Whatever has been going wrong for you, we can flip it on its head and make it all start to go right for you.

I know that society says we should be, have, do and by a certain time and in a certain way, but this is your life, you get to carve out your dreams, you get to decide what works for you and it all starts with asking the right questions to get better answers.

If you’re ready to have the kind of love and relationship that you’ve spent so long thinking of, dreaming of and yearning for, then the first question you should be thinking is…

How do I know that this is the right path for me to get what I want?

The answer is…

Click the button below and let’s set up a time to have a no-obligation call as there’s only one way to find out.

I look forward to hearing from you.