Let me ask you, are you super busy trying to make a living?

Then stop right there, because being an entrepreneur should be fun and that means working on our terms, a work life balance where you get to enjoy your life, enjoy the fruits of your labour and have time to soak it all in! Oh and make some awesome like-mind friends who have got your back every step of the way.


If you’re not having fun in your business and all you can think of, is where why can’t I find people like me, where is the next client coming from, how am I going to get my website and presence sorted, what’s a funnel, asking the wall if what you’re doing is good enough, how do I keep on top of the latest shiny object or the thought of learning something new sends you head into a twist because you’re already stretched as it is running a business, plus you already own a library of every tutorial under the sun which you are yet to get around to, then something is seriously wrong.


To me, business and doing business, should be an extension of who you are, which means that you get to play in your zone of genius every day. That said, we all need things doing on a regular basis to keep the cogs (business) well oiled and we all need to keep on top of the latest trends, skills, services and software’s so that we can keep up and stay in the fast lane.


So, you know that you need do all of this, you know that there’s got to be a more fun way to keep your business in full swing, but how would it feel if all the behind the scenes stuff became a whole lot more fun and in doing so, you could engineer a group of raving cheerleaders who could help promote and support you every step of the way?


Sounds good right?

Too good to be true?



For the longest time, everyone has been coming to me for help, support, advice and connections. I have a reputation for being an ideas machine, a solutions architect, a problem solver of magnitude and for being only a call or email away from the perfect connection and if I’m not, then I know someone who is. But heck, I am just 1 person and I simply can’t know it all and I am certainly not connected to everyone, despite having a big black book. And by the way, we all have a big black book, it’s just knowing how and when to use it.


So, how would you like to be a part of a network of people like you and I, people who want to get on in this journey called life and business, people who want to work hard and play harder, people who know what it takes to get started and keep moving, but not to the detriment of their health, life or bank balance. Not just any old network though, this is a place where we are all an extension of the same mission: To connect, collaborate, educate and share. No tearing each other down, no judgement, but a safe place where we build each other up and help fill in any blanks. A place where caring, committed, energetic and supportive people reside.


The backbone of this community is to inspire each other to grow, both in ourselves and in our businesses, to support each other in both realising and actualising our dreams and most of all, leading by example.



This is a community where only nurturing, interesting and knowledgeable people reside. Everyone is of value and everyone is valuable, you don’t need to be a 7 figure earner to be able to drop knowledge bombs, believe you me.


Once you decide to become a part of the family, you will be given every opportunity to be visible, to ask, to connect and to share. This group is built on the very foundations which has led me to grow both my knowledge and my network, albeit at a faster rate.



You will get to hear knowledge, insights and inspiration from people just like you, people who are currently implementing things which are working for them right now. Everything you get to learn and experience will be completely up to date. There will people sharing at every level. The ones, who are behind you, they will need to be inspired and the ones who are ahead of you will show you what’s possible. There’s something for everyone, but the main thing is the community and the opportunity to get seen, heard, and noticed and to be of value to others on a regular basis.


Weekly spotlights will give you a chance to share your knowledge or to glean knowledge from others. Weekly posts will give you the opportunity and a forum to ask for help, get support and showcase your skills.


This is a place to network, collaborate and share. A place to both inspire and be inspired and learn from those who are doing things which are working right now to help their business grow.


There’s just one golden rule:


The more consistent you are, the more you show up and the more you contribute, the quicker you will get seen, heard and noticed and this is the secret sauce to growing your network fast and having people selling you without you having to sell yourself.


As someone who is a natural connector and relationship builder, the best form of business is when someone else does all the connecting and referring for you, but this only happens when you invest time in showing up and forging relationships.


So, if the thought of learning, connecting, collaborating and building an army of cheerleaders is what you need right now, then all you need to do is click below to register your interest.


I look forward to welcoming you to join the community