Having been an entrepreneur for 17+ years with 11+ years of personal and professional development under my belt some would think that I must know it all by now…..


No one is ever a know it all, for we are all a work in progress. So don’t let the ‘Gurus’ tell you otherwise.

But, what I do know is this, no one man is an island and at some point we need to raise our hand and say, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know which way to turn, I’m lost, I’m tired, I’m stuck and I’m scared. I’d like some help please because I’m not ready to roll over just yet and throw in the towel because I know that my greatest experiences and achievements are yet to come. In fact, I know that I am so clear and so close, yet something is alluding me and I could really do with some guidance and advice.

Allow me to take you on a journey that may sound all too familiar to you, one which many think is their own, when in actual fact we are all very much the same.

Hi there, my Name’s Suzie and I’m an accidental entrepreneur.

Yup, that’s right, I never intentionally set out to be the Queen of my castle, but yet here I am 17 years later having set up and run 5 very different businesses with nothing and no one to help me.

Oh boy, how green was I to think that reading books, blog posts, attending events, jumping on webinars and buying up a few courses would be the answer to my entrepreneurial prayers.

Why didn’t I hire a Coach / Mentor / Consultant / Strategist / a something proneur etc to help me I hear you ask?


Good question!

Probably because everyone out there says that their book, blog, Youtube video, event, webinar, course etc is the answer you’ve been looking for and I believed them! You may be able to resonate?

So, with enthusiasm, tenacity, focus and self-belief I absorbed all these golden nuggets of information that I could possibly lay my hands on and I invested soooo much time. Like, sooooo much time! And of course, what you’re really given, is an Aladdin’s Cave of shiny dangling carrots void of the missing ingredient, which only comes when you go and buy the next thing, or take the next preplanned step in someone else’s cookie cutter journey. Then, before you know it, you have gone deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of hopes and dreams and after a while you fall into despair because you just seem to be picking up nuggets, but not that final missing ingredient for your ‘own’ personal success.

However, whilst picking up nuggets, I did manage to piecemeal everything together after a lot of applied brain power, tenacity, time and effort and I did start to see results. But, can I tell you a secret? This way is thoroughly exhausting even if people don’t and won’t tell you that it is.

Have I experienced success in my businesses?
Yes, in varying levels.

Did I enjoy learning and figuring everything out by myself?
No, not really. But then again, when you’re hyped up raring to go and everyone’s telling you how easy this business thing is and how cut out for it you are, you find the energy from somewhere to focus and apply yourself, all whilst using hope and enthusiasm as the petrol to your business vehicle.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to know that I have been where you are. I have been at the very start staring out at an ocean of possibilities and the jungle of overwhelming levels of information that ‘could’ be the key to my success. All whilst deep down inside of me just wanting to focus and crack on with what it is that I am passionate about and not having to worry about this business / marketing / PR ‘stuff’ so I could just show up and serve already.

Having experienced navigating business alone for the longest time, I can tell you that if you choose to continue with this this path of choice, it is:

  • Lonely
  • You will lose time
  • You will lose money
  • Get stressed
  • Be stressed
  • Get stuck
  • Encounter overwhelm
  • Have a poor work / life balance
  • Probably get sick
  • Risk your relationships
  • Compromise your social life
  • Encounter self doubt
  • Make some poor choices due to lack of knowledge, experience or worst of all, desperation
  • And so much more

So, now you have a choice…

Do you want to brave the ocean of possibilities and the jungle of information overload alone?


Do you want to pick up the phone and have a FREE no obligation call with me to share exactly where you’re at with your business and career journey and see how I may be able to help you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in record time?

Before you answer that, you’re probably wondering what my credentials are to help you right?

Ok, so in short, I have set up and run:

  • A personal training business
  • A fashion business
  • A Social Media and Internet Marketing training and consulting agency – basically helping people go from idea to execution in record time
  • A singles events company. A dating coaching and Matchmaking agency
  • A business and publicity consultancy

All very different niches I know!

The common thread with all my businesses, is that I bootstrapped each and every one of them to success with grit and determination on my own.

I was the head chef and bottle washer as it were in every business venture. So, to say I have rolled up my sleeves, got my hands dirty and learned a thing or two along the way is somewhat of an understatement.

So, what are some of the areas I can help you with?

  • Clarity. Helping you to get clear on your passions, purpose and goals in order to create a business or career that’s a natural extension of who you are and not one that someone else thought was right for you
  • Action plan. Creating you a bespoke roadmap which will be your very own action plan, full of tasks, checkpoints and milestones to keep you on track
  • Messaging. Making sure that what you’re saying, what you’re communicating and what you’re doing is all aligned and focused on attracting your ideal client
  • Branding. Helping you figure out your own personal brand, your brand voice, how to show up and stay on brand
  • PR. Helping you to be your own PR toolkit. PR isn’t just about getting in the media, that’s the cherry on the cake. PR starts from the minute someone interacts with you, the opinion they formulate about you, the impression they remember and most importantly how you make them feel
  • Media. If getting in the media is something on your wishlist, then we will make sure that your online presence is ‘PR ready’ enabling you to to attract the right attention and close your ideal clients

Knowledge is priceless, but time lost is costly.

You can either spend years like I did trying to figure it all out on your own, wasting time, money and freedom along the way, or you could have a seasoned and knowledgeable cheerleader in your corner holding your hand and supporting you every step of the way.

The choice is yours…..