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Suzie Parkus

Spiritual maverick and trusted advisor

(A person who can give you holistic advice from a more spiritual perspective)

We must fully LIVE in order to find that which makes us feel most ALIVE.
For EVERYTHING that you experience in this world is in direct response to the vibrational energy which you exude.

“Suzie targets a person’s spirit as the starting point for change, as one’s spirit is the birthing place for all unexplained and unidentifiable dis-ease showing up in the physical world”.

Once a person can look at themselves at a core level, they then have the ability to tune in and connect with that which the eyes cannot see. It is from this place that they can create numerous breakthroughs in terms of their current levels of health, wellbeing and overall success.

My work is a great tool for:

  • Understanding how you are showing up, its cause and effect
  • Understanding how to be a better communicator
  • Understanding patterns that do not serve and beliefs which are causing limitation to success
  • Discovering one’s inherent and underlying life purpose
  • Finding new direction and purpose in life, love or business / career
  • Gaining clarity when facing difficult situations in life
  • Understanding the effects of past trauma and mental / emotional wounding
  • Understanding and overcoming behavioural patterns
  • Bringing a heightened sense of meaning to your existence
  • Understanding how to create a higher sense of interconnectedness with yourself and others
  • Understanding how to have more meaningful relationships based on deeper levels of connection
  • Gaining more success in your business or career by understanding your values and motivations

And ultimately, living a life that fills you up which makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

If you want to dive in and discover what your soul is trying to communicate with you, then you must first see the signs in your material world first, for the outer world is a true reflection of what’s happening to you in your inner world.

To find out more about how I may be able to help you, let’s chat.

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“Although I had been in business for 12 years before I met Suzie, after working with her I felt like I had become sharper than I had ever felt previously.

I was amazed that the challenges we set out to solve, were actually the result of seemingly unrelated areas from my personal life. Suzie’s approach challenges you to think honestly about love, life or business, and her experience gave me the support and ideas needed to develop accessible solutions that I’ve been able to take forward easily on my own. Thank you for working with me Suzie.”


“Within minutes Suzie cut straight through to the root of my issue….Immediately after the call I felt galvanised and infused with purpose and drive.”

Henry Johnstone

“She is the Gabby Bernstein of the business world. She is so highly intuitive and knows exactly what you and your business need to make it the outstanding success that you only ever read about or see featured in the media! She will absolutely blow your mind away!!!

Suzie not only saved my business but she saved me and I will be forever thankful for that very first phone call.”

Helena Daveney

“Although I signed up to receive help with the business, I also got the bonus of a deeper understanding of myself…The personal development side of her business was second to none…It is hard to take a good look at yourself but really necessary if you are going to enjoy working successfully in your business.

I can honestly say that I came away from the time we spent together not only having a clearer thought process in terms of the business, but a deeper knowledge of myself.”

Jacqui Van Loen

“Once you get on Suzie’s radar, she soon becomes your biggest champion and advocate…. Over the years I have met many people who understand the concept of business, Marketing and PR, but Suzie has the ability to see how all these elements work seamlessly together.

She is within a very small number of people that I would not only trust to strategise a business idea from conception through to completion, but to also oversee its success too. Her guidance and support has always proven to be invaluable.”

David Baum

“Suzie has been a remarkable fountain of information, knowledge, and ideas….she’s the best cheerleader you could ever wish for and her her little black book runs deep as it does wide.”

Alexa Martinez