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“Suzie Parkus provides the #1 source of information for simple and effective strategies to help you monetise your online presence.

Suzie Parkus shows you how to build a bigger presence for yourself or your business, starting from the ground floor, laying the foundation, and helping you get a jump start on becoming an online success. And the advice is real, not just guru speak.”

Paul Renner

“Suzie Parkus is a need to know person for anyone who is serious about building their business.

Whether you need someone to give you a workable strategy to get seen or heard, need help connecting your way to advanced levels of success, or merely getting the ‘right’ contacts to get a job done and have it done well, Suzie is the person to make it happen.”

Neil Ghiller

“Once you get on Suzie’s radar, she soon becomes your biggest champion and advocate…. Over the years I have met many people who understand the concept of business, Marketing and PR, but Suzie has the ability to see how all these elements work seamlessly together.

She is within a very small number of people that I would not only trust to strategise a business idea from conception through to completion, but to also oversee its success too. Her guidance and support has always proven to be invaluable.”

David Baum

“Suzie has been a remarkable fountain of information, knowledge, and ideas….she’s the best cheerleader you could ever wish for and her her little black book runs deep as it does wide.”

Alexa Martinez